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Allows the caster to elude trouble and escape off to another location. You will be given the names of the available destinations upon casting Elusion and you will find that the number of possible destinations will increase as spell percent and power increase. Elusion requires the claws of the fearsome kriipa to cast.

Names of allowed locations: Cor Noth, Marion, East Jasper, South Barloque, The Streets of Tos

Special location: If you belong to a guild which owns a hall AND have a high spell percent you can elusion to your guild hall entryway by substituting the exact name of your hall, in place of the standard list of locations.

Purchase From: Monk of Riija


reagents needed:

Kriipa Claw Kriipa Claw x 2

Success is based on percentage and spellpower. At 99%, in a riija robe and in duke, you can teleport to the Island 100% of the time. (Zos)

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4 comments found for this spell/skill!

Jason 28-03-2007
Where can i find what you need to say after casting this spell to get to the different locations?

WhiteKnight 28-03-2007
Once you cast it, it tells you where you can port too higher % the more places you can go

Ides 28-03-2007
WK is right the better your % the more cities you can reach. The complete list of possible locations are as follows: Streets of Tos, Cor Noth, South Barloque, Marion, East Jasper and The Aerie Guest House Additionally, you can Elusion to your guild hall entryway if you cast at high percent and say the exact name of your guild hall (this will not let you reach another guild's hall, just your own).

zoiberg 11-08-2012

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