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Evil Twin
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Evil Twin

Summons the darker side of an adventurer to attack them. Note that you are responsible for any of your evil twins' actions, and that they are notoriously hard to control. Requires solagh and web moss to cast.

Purchase From: Monk of Riija

Cost: 8000

reagents needed:

Vial of Solagh Vial of Solagh x 3
Web Moss Web Moss x 3

The Evil Twin created lasts as long as you have the mana, or the clone is killed (typically, it has half the hitpoints of your opponent). At full mana with 50 myst, the twin lasts a good five minutes. (Zos)

::: Evil Twin - Discussion :::

2 comments found for this spell/skill!

Riija 24-10-2006
This spell is great as a support spell, but is significantly less useful in a one-on-one encounter.

It can only be activated on players, so lose any plans you may have had to work this on a creature.

The twin does indeed have only 50% of the target's health, but it's every bit as dangerous as the enemy it impersonates. A target who is unaware of the twin will quickly wish they were more alert.

Remember that this spell requires concentration. Do not RUN while it is active. You can walk, however. Also, do not attack, attempt to cast other spells, or take damage. Any of these actions will cancel the spell.

OddBall 27-10-2006
Nice spell, takes a lot of mana per tick. Very expensive. Takes a few seconds to cast off.

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