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Spider Web
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Spider Web

The spider webs created by this spell may hamper the ability of those who stumble upon them to move. Requires web moss to cast. NOTE: If your safety is ON, this spell will not affect innocents. If your safety is OFF, you can become an outlaw for harming other players.

Purchase From: Tendrath

Cost: 2000

reagents needed:

Web Moss Web Moss x 1

This spell requires focused concentration!

great trapping spell.

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Faren 24-10-2006
PvP has many components, and one very important component is mobility. This spell, if cast correctly, will deny your opponent of their mobility and make them a sitting duck.

This spell is especially effective when cast at the entrace of a heavily traversed screen. When a player enters the room, they'll be trapped in the webs, and you're free to strike.

You should be warned that this spell is unlike hold in that it will only hidner movement. The opponent can still attack (if you're in range), and can still cast spells. Plan your assault carefully.

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