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Blood Inheritance
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Blood Inheritance

Infuses a weapon with the malevolent power of Qor. It is impossible to predict exactly what form this dark benediction will take, but it will always be deadly. Requires shaman blood, entroot berries, and orc teeth.

Purchase From: Wulfgang zax'Ak

Cost: 8000

reagents needed:

Entroot Berries Entroot Berries x 2
Orc Tooth Orc Tooth x 1
Shaman Blood x 2

requires a prism to cast! The prism darkens and a blanket of silence seems to settle over you as the chant ceases. Dont reveal!! :)

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2 comments found for this spell/skill!

OddBall 27-10-2006
wish it worked

Lestat De Lioncourt 24-02-2011
This spell is still broken...

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