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January Updates!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

We did an update tonight. If you have trouble autoupdating, you can get a full install from Here's what's in it:
- You can now ignore up to 1000 characters (was 100)
- Fixed client-side motion interpolation for slow monsters like fungus beasts
- Changed UI and article ordering in mail and news dialogs
- Can't offer to invisible players
- Added sounds for frogman and ice creature
- "Tougher" message is bold & italic
- Killing monsters in Raza doesn't change your karma
- Inventory isn't cleared when leaving Raza
- Justicar voting requires 100+ HP. This can be easily adjusted without further updates.
- Can't abandon a guild hall while it's under attack
- Fixed door trigger area in Joguer's herb shop
- Can't shadow rift into inaccessible historic locations. Existing prisms that went here or to guild halls were reset.
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