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Ghostwalker Auction

Sunday, 24 October 2010

*This mask looks sinister, good for scaring little children.  It would be dangerous to store this in your pocket. - BABY BLUE DAEMON SKULL MASK - ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND on EITHER SERVER
 - gar, Xaero, :Nina:, Bill, Killey
 - result: sold to bill for 1.6Million!
 " 1.6 twice"
 "Sold to Bill"

*purple mummy mask
 "500k to start"
 "1.5 mill twice"
  Killey and :Nina: bid. Killey wins

* Ancient runes adorn this fine weapon, a lightweight blade of unsurpassed excellence.  Kraanan's blessing surrounds this sword.  Q's insignia is emblazoned on the metal of the weapon.  It glows with a soft, white light./Ancient runes adorn this fine weapon, a lightweight blade of unsurpassed excellence.  Kraanan's blessing surrounds this sword.  A glow that can only be described as Zjiriaesqe surrounds the weapon.  It glows with a soft, white light.
"Both mystics for one price starting at 100k"
 1 mill for REGULAR bonded Hold mystic and a blind mystic?
"250k once"
 250k twice
sold! to Metro

*  Blue trimmed Small Shield starts at 50k
 134k bid
800k... Rodrigo

*  Lethal in appearance, this weapon is actually only minimally effective.  Its spiked head is made of soft metal and its wooden shaft is thin and brittle.  The words 'The Critically Acclaimed - Touch Of Flame Mace.' are delicately engraved on the edge.
Doom pig, metro, ceio, Colonel Troutman, Mayhem, Rodrigo, :Nina:, Professor  Farnsworth, Killey
900k... Killey

*  Big Boy item bid starts at 1 million
 " Ancient runes adorn this fine weapon, a lightweight blade of unsurpassed excellence.  Kraanan's blessing surrounds this sword."
 Her is the catch
 Ozz will mail you a list of abilitie to put on it and you can pick which one you want and he will bond it
 Minimum bid is one million
Only one bid - Metro wins

*  Regular circlet colored RED
Colonel Troutman, gar, Sir Lancelot, Professor Farnswoth, :Nina:, Xaero, Bill
 SOLD 2 mill
2Mill Professor Farnswoth wins

* Green mummy mask
 Ghostwalker says, "This also coems with a matching Green Rose "
 Starting 100k Rose/Mummy mask

Metro says, "100k"
Sir Lancelot says, "100k"
Lilith says, "120k"
ceio says, "400k"
Bill says, "500k"
Metro says, "600k"

 2 mill
 Sold! Killey wins

*  Heavy and razor sharp, this great axe is extremely dangerous.  Its head can cleave even the thick hide of trolls.  Q's insignia is emblazoned on the metal of the weapon.
 It is colored yellow
250k starting bid
 Oh wait silly me I forgot to mention what it coems with
 Or did I mention it?
Xaero says, "a hooker?"
Ghostwalker says, "Yellow Daemon Mask"

Mayhem, Xaero, Ceio, Bill

:Nina: says, "stop the RL issues :)"
 ok 1 mill and 25k
Bill Wins with 1.25million

 The gauntelts will only appear RED in inventory and the SCALE armor could not be colored The SHIELD and the HELM show color
Steel and chain links give moderate protection to the wearer of this padded helmet.  The words 'This helmet has clearly been in battles of severe bloodshed, you can even see the blood splatters on the helmet itself! Myteriously though it never seems to damage.' are delicately engraved on the edge.

 These items can withstand 25000 hits

:Nina:, Metro, Killey, : D, ceio

 100k to start

 760 once

: D says, "800k"
Metro says, "900k"
: D says, "950k"
:Nina: says, "925"

Killey wins 1 million shillings

*  Next item up for bid is: Kraanan's Glory bidding starts at 2 million
 Finely crafted and ornate in its design, this impressive looking piece of headgear is eerily cold to the touch.  The Duke commissioned Fehr'loi Qan with the aid of

Priestess Qerti'nya to create these helmets specifically for winners of officially sanctioned tournaments. It glows with a soft, white light.
Xaero 2.5million, Gar 3 million, Xaero 4 million, gar 5 million,  xaero 6 million, xaero 7 million, gar 8 million, Xaero 8.25million, Gar 9milllion, Xaero 9.25 million, Gar

10 million, Metro 11 million.....

Metro says, "=D yes try me"
 I cant tell what teh hell the bid is
Gar says, "metro apparently bid 11 mil"
Xaero says, "11million from metro"
PaNiC says, "metro said 11"
John Gotti says, "metro bid 11"
Gar says, "let's verify :p"
 11 mill

Ghostwalker says, "He has it"

Xaero 11.25 million, Metro 12 million, Xaero 12.25 million, Metro 14 million

 14 once
 14 twice

Gar 15 million



Gar wins for 15 million shillings.

Ace Rimmer says, "Wow, $750"

* COMBO Pack NUMBER three and GIVEAWAY #2
 This GIVEAWAY robe turns FAREN RED when worn by a Riija Master!

Hail your guildmate Mayhem!
Monoxide says, "in crayon?! :P"
 This GIVEAWAY robe turns FAREN RED when worn by a Riija Master!
Metro says, "awesome!"
Gar says, "And also has inherent Gaze"
Bullen says, "nice"
You say, "amazing"
Monoxide says, "smart! :)"
Ghostwalker says, "aaaand the winner is....."
ceio says, "that was awsome lookin"
Glueck says, "nice"
Sasha says, "yay"
Ace Rimmer says, "its the robe with Gar and PC on it laughing about how PC never answeres your emails..."
Metro says, "ME"
Glueck says, "only gotta do riija :)"
 Abjurer Nharkum
Xaero is confused
Colonel Troutman says, "wtf"
WizOfScoto says, "grats!"
Xaero says, "how is that decided?"
Mayhem sends, "D*leted*Congrats bro!"
Doom pig sends, " [Heros- Doom Pig]-->grats"
Ace Rimmer says, "Grats abj :D"
Gar tells you, "how much for it"
Asharak sends, " )?( Asharak)?( woo grats"
Doom pig sends, " [Heros- Doom Pig]-->you lucky fuck ;p"
Lord JJ says, "?"
You send, " <^> ::  /-\bjurer. ::  yay!!"
Mayhem sends, "D*leted*GLad it was you"
You say, "<3"
Metro says, "sweet"
Metro says, "grats abjur!!"
Sasha says, "grats abj"
Doom pig sends, " [Heros- Doom Pig]-->same here."
Colonel Troutman says, "really"
Metro tells you, "ill buy that off u for 500k"
Sir Lancelot says, "grats"

*  Ready for Combo Pack 3?
 Two Masks
 One rose
 The Black Pack
 None are bonded or have special abilities
 Thats for BOTH masks and BLACK rose

Xaero, ceio, Killey, 


4.25 Million to Xaero

*  Next item is the Black Pack LS : )
 Nothing special just black

Pain Killer, Metro, :nina:, Doom pig


... ALL next masks are normal

* brown/red skull mask

pain killer, doom pig, killey, Bil, Metro
bill wins paying 900k

 900 once

In light of last mask bidding starts at 250 and goes at 25k

* Green Skull mask

Metro, SirLancelot, :nina:, Bill
Metro wins at 800k

* Gentlemen, you ready for the Bad Mofo?

 Bidding starts at 5 million
Crafted by the gods, this bow hums with magical power.  Q's insignia is emblazoned on the metal of the weapon.  A glow that can only be described as Zjiriaesqe surrounds the

 Understand it dioesnt do it all the time or at same time,its  small chance but a chance nonetheless
Blue bow!

All want me go test and come back?

Metro, Max Headroom,


couple more items and one more giveaway

* next item is YOUR GOD GIFT CHOICES - You are bidding for the right to pick 2 GGs
Bid starts at 500k and goes in 50s
Ill throw in a cheap surprise for the winner

Killey, Xaero

once at 5

Sold to Killey for 5 million shillings.

* Red, Blue, White Rose all solid color
Lilith, Xaero, ceio, Bill, Metro,
Oh and that purchase will also get asurprise

Metro wins - 2 million shillins

I will auction for 10 more minutes

*Ghostwalker says, "Last free item to give awayis a COMBO PACK!"


Bullen Wins!

* Last item Combo Pack! Jala green mask, Acid Touch Shortsword and Dark green rose

Metro wins - 5 million

* Last MSH Last item it comes with a little trinket surprise too
1 mill starts
We gotta burn I need to go do some errands lol
Bill, :nina:, Sir Lancelot, Stonewall Jackson, Killey

Xaero wins! 6.3million shillings! ++ Xaero says, "Theing pulses with magical energy. The words 'This Ring of Invisibility seems to last 100 times longer than a normal ring of invisibility! INCREDIBLE!' are delicately engraved on the edge."

* Gar wins additional prize as highest bidder: Gar says, "the prize was a hold/blind/purge mystic"

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