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NDS disband - Kirmse's brothers take on the challenge!

Thursday, 7 January 2010


For those who don't know me, I'm Andrew Kirmse. Back in 1994, my brother Chris (Zandramas in game) and I started Meridian 59. A few weeks ago Psychochild contacted us to let us know that running Meridian had become uneconomical, and to offer us the chance to help keep it running. We're very happy to accept.

Psychochild and Q deserve a huge amount of thanks and credit for buying Meridian from 3DO and keeping it running for 9 years. Making an old game into a business is hardly the path to fame and fortune. This was a tremendous personal sacrifice for them that they did out of love of the game.

Chris and I both have demanding full-time jobs (he's the general manager of Xfire, and I'm a principal engineer at Google), and children of our own, so we're going to have a very limited amount of free time to spend on Meridian. We've been away from the game a long time, and it's going to take us awhile just to find a permanent home for the servers, get the code building again, and reacquaint ourselves with how everything works. We hope to make small improvements as time allows, and we also hope to have the help of others who have worked on the game. We'll be around on the message boards to learn what people want.

Our intention is to keep the game running as long as people are still having fun with it. It's still very early and we haven't made any decisions beyond that.

Thanks for sticking with Meridian for such a long time. We're excited to be back!


Who knows whats next in store for meridian!
Meridian 59

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