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Gworm Queen

The largest of the groundworms, the queen is a feared monster. After growing over long periods of time, groundworms need increasing amounts of food to sustain themselves. The queens are driven mad by an overwhelming desire to consume food to satiate their immense hunger. Occasionally groundworm queens lay eggs in corpses that hatch into groundworm larva.

Max HP: 130
Max Karma: 30

Creatures Possible Loot:

Plate Armor Plate Armor
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Potion of Free Action Potion of Free Action
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Ruby Ruby
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Diamond Diamond
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Gworm Queen

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2 comments found for this monster!

Abjurer 21-03-2007
Yes - an exploding one! :P

ReapersMinion 15-03-2007
it looks like a turd.

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