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This spindly-legged creature scuttles along the jungle canopy in search of unsuspecting prey, which includes just about everything that moves. Island travelers are warned to keep careful watch above, for the deadly grinning lizards have been known to decapitate a grown man in a single blow with their dagger sharp claws.

Max HP: 150
Max Karma: 50

Creatures Possible Loot:

Web Moss Web Moss
Maximum Quantity: (6)
Kriipa Claw Kriipa Claw
Maximum Quantity: (3)
Dragonfly Eye Dragonfly Eye
Maximum Quantity: (12)
Shilling Shilling
Maximum Quantity: (448)
Meat Pie Meat Pie
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Rainbow Fern Rainbow Fern
Maximum Quantity: (4)

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