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Shadow Beast

A magical abomination that hybrids the jungle kriipa with some quasi-substantial entity from the nether world. Residual Qor magic seems to make the air darker when this foul beast is near. Although they mainly prey on cave orcs, the shadowbeast have been known to kill humans on occasion.

Max HP: 150
Max Karma: 100

Grins and Shrugs Scim.

Long Swords work well.

Make a funny sound when they die!

Creatures Possible Loot:

Plate Armor Plate Armor
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Diamond Diamond
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Purple Mushroom Purple Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Blue Mushroom Blue Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Wand of Immobilization Wand of Immobilization
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Ruby Ruby
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Blue Dragon Scale Blue Dragon Scale
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Mystic Sword Mystic Sword
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Shadow Beast

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