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Snapping pincers, bloody from the ant's last meal, lash out at you. Although slow and nearly blind, ants have a keen sense of smell and a taste for human flesh.

Max HP: 40
Max Karma: 10

Creatures Possible Loot:

Herb Herb
Maximum Quantity: (3)
Brown Mushroom Brown Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (3)
Eddible Mushroom Eddible Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (3)

::: Ant - Discussion :::

5 comments found for this monster!

rach 29-03-2006
i banged this ant last night and it was so good!!

rach 29-03-2006
whata hottie with a body

rach 29-03-2006
a cutie with a bootie

tay 19-06-2006
i like those things like that

Awesomeness 07-03-2011
the first time i saw this i thought to was a boss! lol..good times

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