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This magnificent white beast towers above all in his presence. Yetis are extremely dangerous, particularly when attacked in the ice caves where they dwell. Only someone well prepared would dare attack a yeti alone.

Max HP: 150
Max Karma: 0

Creatures Possible Loot:

Blue Dragon Scale Blue Dragon Scale
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Blue Mushroom Blue Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Inky-Cap Mushroom Inky-Cap Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Purple Mushroom Purple Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Diamond Diamond
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Dark Angel Feather Dark Angel Feather
Maximum Quantity: (1)

::: Yeti - Discussion :::

7 comments found for this monster!

Michael Stahler 28-02-2006
why does this guy not have a beard?

matthew 18-03-2006
can you send me some photo proof of this monster

Bam 21-11-2006
dude Yeit's are the best!!! i love yetes

Anony E. 19-12-2007
This "guy" does not have a beard, because "he" is a SHE. Imagen just how scary the males look!

Jonah 05-03-2010
u are so right anony e

AWESOMENESS 07-03-2011
must find that damn yeti

Dat Derp A Herp 18-12-2011
How about that Red Yeti?

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