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Baby Spider

Smaller and weaker than his larger kin, this baby spider is deadly nonetheless. Its soft belly is engorged with its last meal.

Max HP: 10
Max Karma: 30

Creatures Possible Loot:

Herb Herb
Maximum Quantity: (3)
Elderberry Elderberry
Maximum Quantity: (3)
Eddible Mushroom Eddible Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (3)
Brown Mushroom Brown Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (3)
Emerald Emerald
Maximum Quantity: (3)
Baby Spider

::: Baby Spider - Discussion :::

2 comments found for this monster!

Michael Stahler(monster fan) 28-02-2006
I would NOT want say "gutchy gutchy goo " to this baby

KRAVOZ 08-03-2009
Damn its this game actually on??
could i play this mmo??
damn i think thats great, see this kind of mmo at the same way they was created!!

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