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Tusked Skeleton

A few scraps of rotten flesh cling to this collection of human bones topped by a skull with large tusks protruding from its mouth. You shudder to think what dark ritual brought this abomination into being.

Max HP: 100
Max Karma: 70

Creatures Possible Loot:

Inky-Cap Mushroom Inky-Cap Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Dark Angel Feather Dark Angel Feather
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Arrows Arrows
Maximum Quantity: (3)
Small Round Shield Small Round Shield
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Long Sword Long Sword
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Scale Armor Scale Armor
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Knight's Shield Knight's Shield
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Tusked Skeleton

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