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Ghost of Far'Nohl

Rags and rotten flesh hang on the bones of this magical apparition. This is the ghost of a former tyrant of Meridian, Far'Nohl, who gave his life and his soul to the dark arts.

Max HP: 150
Max Karma: 100

Creatures Possible Loot:

Plate Armor Plate Armor
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Ring of Invisibility Ring of Invisibility
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Knight's Shield Knight's Shield
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Gauntlets Gauntlets
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Fine Lute Fine Lute
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Diamond Diamond
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Ruby Ruby
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Mystic Sword Mystic Sword
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Wand of Vampiric Shock Wand of Vampiric Shock
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Ghost of Far'Nohl

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2 comments found for this monster!

Luminoc 07-02-2011
Shrugs on Kraanan dedicated scimitars..

hamzah 12-04-2012
where can i find this creacher?

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