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Unfettered evil has brought the dead back to life in the form of this zombie. Rotten flesh, white and pulpy, clings to soft bone. Its watery eyes stare out, unseeing.

Max HP: 55
Max Karma: 45

Creatures Possible Loot:

Purple Mushroom Purple Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (3)
Water Skin Water Skin
Maximum Quantity: (20)
Sapphire Sapphire
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Leather Armor Leather Armor
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Loaf of Bread Loaf of Bread
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Amulet of Shadows Amulet of Shadows
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Chain Armor Chain Armor
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Flask of Healing Flask of Healing
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Flask of Poison Flask of Poison
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Red Mushroom Red Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Shilling Shilling
Maximum Quantity: (143)
Emerald Emerald
Maximum Quantity: (3)

::: Zombie - Discussion :::

2 comments found for this monster!

Dreddlox 11-08-2006
why do these guys have marigold gloves for hands?!

einon 24-06-2012
i would say because the creators wants the rotting peeling flesh look lol

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