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Spectral Mummy

This poor creature was once a person who was mummified in an ancient ritual and put to rest in the crypt. Ages have passed and only the spirit of the orignial person remains. It has been dead and mummified for so long it has forgotten what it originally looked like and now wanders this plane as a spectral being, appearing as it did when it was originally put to rest.

Max HP: 40
Max Karma: 40

Creatures Possible Loot:

Brown Mushroom Brown Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (4)
Herb Herb
Maximum Quantity: (4)
Elderberry Elderberry
Maximum Quantity: (4)
Eddible Mushroom Eddible Mushroom
Maximum Quantity: (4)
Entroot Berries Entroot Berries
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Orc Tooth Orc Tooth
Maximum Quantity: (2)
Short Sword Short Sword
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Long Sword Long Sword
Maximum Quantity: (1)
Spectral Mummy

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5 comments found for this monster!

Deneb 31-03-2011
I grinded on these guys until i was 40, but you have 35 listed here.

re:deneb 02-04-2011
thanks - updated

Silmaris Dragonbane 05-07-2011
Add short sword, been farming them for an hour while working up improves :)

Silmaris Dragonbane 05-07-2011
Long Sword drop as well.

re:Silmaris Dragonbane 08-07-2011
thanks! updated

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