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Meridian 59 : the meridian 59 community reference site.
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Meridian 59 Reference Site

Meridian 59 is one of the original mass multiplayer online roleplaying games. Meridian Force59 is here as a resource for the small group of meridian 59 gamers. Contained within these archaic pages you will find information about the Offical Meridian 59 Game. Check out our meridian 59 tips section, our monsters compendium, the work in progress interative player/community section, complete spell and ability listings, a best effort selection of the game Non-player characters (NPCS), our arguably interesting collection of ingame items and why not our links and contact pages.

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Meridian 59 Photography
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Latest Game Comments...
zoiberg : 11-08-2012
einon : 24-06-2012
i would say because the creators wants the rotting peeling flesh look lol
Roland : 18-06-2012
Ghost of Far Nohl also drops them
hamzah : 12-04-2012
where can i find this creacher?
WTF : 08-01-2012
Dat Derp A Herp : 18-12-2011
How about that Red Yeti?
pyskoe : 10-08-2011
shall i ask why this perfectly good bowl of stew cannot be used for a banner?
re: psykoe : 05-08-2011
no!! :P
psykoe : 24-07-2011
can i use this gif for a site heading?
Awesomeness : 18-07-2011
He reminds me of the flesh pound from killing floor.

Wanted dead for random pking.


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